Elastic and durable

We have an excellent co-operation and partnership with Prokol enabling us to provide our customers with the best polyurea coatings solutions.


Polyurea  coatings

Polyurea coatings

We distribute elastic and durable two-component hotspray polyurea coatings from Prokol,

a Dutch company that is one of Europe’s leading producers of polyurea coatings and a pioneer with over 25 years of experience. Rocathaan polyurea is a coating made entirely of polyurea. It contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and is solvent-free. Polyurea is more chemically and mechanically durable than epoxy coatings. Even at low or high temperatures (up to 120 °C), the product retains its properties. Many applications benefit from the coatings’ long-lasting and seamless waterproofing. Curing takes less than 10 seconds, and a 2-3 mm thick coating is durable enough to withstand any normal load. 100% of mechanical resistance is formed after 2×24 hours.

Polyurea roofs

Roof-safe Rocathaan polyurea can be sprayed on top of the old roof covering. Roof penetrations, roof drains, and other similar structures can be sprayed to create a completely seamless assembly with the roof covering. The surface is totally waterproof and seamless. There will be no refurbishment of the old covering (old covering must be spot fixed if there is problem with bitumen felts adhesion to substrate), demolition, or hot work. Simply remove any dirt, debris, moss, or other loose matter from the old covering. Because the product cures quickly, it is possible to spray large areas during the day (hundreds of m2 per day). The product comes with a 20-year material warranty from the manufacturer (this warranty is possible, only if the work is done according to Prokol instructions.). The fire classifications of Rocathaan polyurea comply with Finnish building regulations.

Polyurea industrial applications

Polyurea as coating material is suitable for a variety of surfaces and application ares, including tanks, floors, walls and ceilings. Hot-sprayed polyurea coatings provide exceptional resistance to the elements, harmful substances, and wear. Polyurea products reduce the cost of corrosion and wear-related maintenance for the sector. Both new and old things can benefit from corrosion protection, which greatly increases their service life. Spraying polyurea is completed swiftly and with the least amount of interruption to other tasks. Because it can tolerate a variety of chemicals and industrial liquids, including diluted inorganic acids (sulphuric, nitric, chloric, etc.) up to a pH value of 1, polyurea is ideal for tank lining. It has good resistance to alkaline substances like potassium and sodium hydroxides up to a pH of 14. It is usually advisable to assess each situation individually to determine whether the coating’s applicability and the object’s pre-treatment. The coating is also effective at preventing corrosion caused by dissolved salts, alcohol, glycol, fuels, and wastewater.

Polyurea in construction

Rocathaan coatings can also be used to protect steel and concrete structures such as bridges. Polyurethane coatings are widely used in Europe as coatings for carports, stairs, ramps, and other roughened objects. Because the coatings have an elongation at break of more than 300%, they can also be used to make a dense coating over expansion joints. Car wash bays and car wash line floors are examples of typical objects. Polyurea coating is commonly used on public swimming pools, private home swimming pools, steel and aluminium structures submerged in water, and ship steel structures.

Protection of food and drinking water tanks and piping

Polyurea coatings can also be used to protect piping and tanks in the food industry and for drinking water treatment. The product line includes items that have been approved for these uses.

Product testing on new or existing products using the manufacturer´s latest, cutting-edge polyol systems. Testing can be done in laboratories or on the customers´ property. Before the product is approved for production, the sample pieces are investigated thoroughly. 

Continuous quality assurance checks and product testing are necessary during polyurea product production. We test the quality and features of our clients´ polyurethane products as well as the raw ingredients.